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Open Your Eyes Within

"I first met the author of this book, Acharya Premananda when I was living on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca around 2009. At the time his title was Swami Ganeshananda, and he was giving regular meditation retreats and intensives on the island. The first time I went to his Open Eyes meditation class, I had quite a strong experience in which I saw his face morph and melt into some different faces as I was looking into his eyes. And I felt the energy within me respond by moving and transforming within my body. Right from the start I knew I had stumbled upon a powerful practice and a knowledgeable yet humble teacher.
Reading this book almost puts one in meditative state, given that the flow of the writing feels very relaxed and at ease. It feels like you are having an intimate conversation with your very own spiritual teacher. So if you are interested in spiritual transformation and in liberating yourself from stuck patterns of thought and emotion, I highly recommend purchasing this book."

Michelle Taffe, Publisher of Global Yogi:


Freedom from the Web of Karma

(Published as Swami Ganeshananda)

"Swami Ganeshanada's commitment to deep spiritual practice shines forth in this wonderful guide for both beginning and advanced students into the mystical and practical world of spiritual evolution. Its pages reveal a timeless understanding of how higher consciousness unfolds in any serious meditation practitioner."
Stuart Perrin, author and spiritual teacher

"Two thumbs up for this amazing and instructive book! A must-have for those beginning their search for a spiritual life, and a lucid and useful guide of great depth for seasoned aspirants."
Robert Sink, Creator of Rudi Movie


Poems - To the Bliss of Awarness

(Published as Swami Ganeshananda)

"Swami Ganeshananda's poetry is so viscerally and spiritually alive that it both opens my heart and brings me to tears. It is poetry so full of love and devotion that it transports me into the very states it describes. I sense that I am a different person after each poem I read."

Bruce Joel Rubin, Screenwriter, won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay: Ghost, has also written Jacob's Latter, Deep Impact, The Timetravellers Wife, etc.


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